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Max Your Mind: The Owner's Guide for a Strong Brain

2016 English


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An inspiring guide to keeping your mind, body, and spirit working together to keep you sharp, healthy, and happy through life.

Frustrated with your brain? How would you like to remember where you put your car keys? Is multitasking working for you? Do you ever wonder how you drove to your destination? If the answer is yes, you may be painfully aware of “the Fade”—the decline in mental, physical and spiritual wellness so many of us experience in our later years. But contrary to what you may have heard, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Max Your Mind introduces you to “the Boost”—or the many benefits that come with maturity. With plenty of tips on how to stay sharp, this helpful guide offers a refreshingly lighthearted and spiritual perspective on this typically serious subject. Using anecdotal stories to illustrate the latest neuroscience research, Max Your Mind is full of practical information that we can apply to our everyday lives.

So if you want to give your mind the wake-up call that God intended, open this book and enjoy the hope, help and humor within its pages.



“The brain is the most intricate and delicate muscle of human anatomy . . . Learning from Max Your Mind will keep this important hinge from squeaking and rusting out.” —Albert Haase, OFM, author of Catching Fire, Becoming Flame: A Guide for Spiritual Transformation

Max Your Mind was a great encouragement to me. This book will provide information and inspiration for all who want to remain open to ‘God’s surprises.” —Eric Alfrey, Children’s Minister, First Baptist Church, Columbia, SC.

Book Description

"Max Your Mind" brings hope to people over 30 and Baby Boomers through spiritual, humorous neuroscience, using personal anecdotes, observations and clearly communicated research to help people understand, appreciate and take care of their brains.