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The Age Beautifully Cookbook: Easy and Exotic Longevity Secrets From Around the World

2016 English


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Grace O.


Award-Winning Cookbook:

2017 "Innovative - Best In World" Award by Gourmand International
2017 International Book Award Competition

2016 Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards National Winner

2016 Living Now Book Awards Gold Winner.

Eating healthy doesn't mean sacrificing the foods people love or satisfying meals.  The Age Beautifully Cookbook provides over one hundred, easy-to-make recipes that promote health and well-being.

Both cookbooks created by Grace O and her website, FoodTrients, include Grace O's Feel-Good Formula for Longevity, Beauty and Wellness. Grace O has identified eight categories of FoodTrients that are essential to age-defying and healthier living - Anti-inflammatory ,  Antioxidant, Disease Prevention, Immune Booster, Mind, Beauty, Strength, and Weight Loss.

Grace O's delicious, easy-to-make and beautifully illustrated healthy recipes incorporate all the ingredients you need to look and feel younger on the inside and outside.



Living Now Book Awards-Gold in the Specialty Cookbook category (Prize)

Gourmand World Cookbook Award-National Award in the Innovative category (Prize)

Living Now Book Awards-Gold in the Specialty Cookbook category (Prize)

From the Author

Grace O's , The Age Beautifully Cookbook: Easy and Exotic Longevity Secrets from Around the World, just won Gourmand's 2017 "Best in World" award for Innovation.

Grace's formula for aging beautifully is product of a lifetime of research and work that began at an early age. Her father was a physician who taught her the value of a healthy diet. Her mother, the founder and owner of a culinary school, taught her the value of great tasting food.

In SoutheastAsia, where Grace O grew up, the cuisine has been influenced by many countries:China, Japan, Spain, France, America, and to some extent the Middle East and Northern Africa. Grace's success as a chef and culinary teacher led her to open three restaurants in Metro Manila where she also launched several food trends. Grace likes trying new and exotic ingredients, then adds her own delicious fusion style to create delicious new recipes.

In 1992, Grace moved to the U.S. and entered the business of healthcare. After spending 23 years in healthcare, Grace found herself at the center of a new food movement -food as medicine. Her curiosity and extraordinary culinary skills were the impetus behind the development of FoodTrients - It's a Cookbook, It's a Philosophy,It's a Resource and Website.

In her cookbooks and on the website, you will find a lot of easy recipes full of familiar FoodTrients favorites and a variety of new and exotic foods she has discovered in her search for age-defying nutrients.

"This has been an exciting (and delicious!) journey for me, and I hope it brings you many satisfying taste adventures with dishes that you will want to eat over and over agai n." - Grace  O.