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Make: Volume 68

2019 English


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Mike Senese



In this issue of Make: we break down the latest trends in the world of microcontrollers and single board computers with the latest from Arduino, Google, Particle, and more. You'll also learn how FPGAs will change the way you prototype with our skill builder on using these ultra-configurable devices. And don't miss the 2019 edition of the "Make: Guide to Boards" special pullout -- compare specs for more than 70 boards to find the perfect one for any endeavor!

Plus, 23 projects:

  • Build a mesh-networked mob of R/C car swarmbots
  • Add a full-sheet vertical Maslow CNC to even the tightest shop
  • Get nonstop running water at the beach for boats, castles, and water fights
  • Personalize a crafty glass block as a night light or custom gift

And more! **